Turn labels into sales promoters

Present your entire product range to in-store customers with
XNECT labeling solutions.


Discover the Unique Advantages of Our Product Labeling Solution

Elevate your store’s performance with the XNECT solution, enhancing sales, amplifying online advertisement visibility, gaining valuable in-store customer insights, and managing in-store product price labels effortlessly.

Improved Sales

QR codes linked to the product’s webpage on price labels allow in-store customers to explore product variations and related items available online, potentially boosting sales.

Boost Advertisement

Store ads can reappear on customer devices after they visit the product’s webpage by scanning the product’s QR code.

Customers Insights

Stores can capture in-store customers’ interest in every product within each store by analyzing the data obtained from QR code scans.

Label Management

Effortlessly create, print, and manage product price labels. Synchronize prices on product labels with the prices on the store website with a single tap.

In-store product labels

Enhance the store’s appearance with specially designed labels

Easily create, print, and manage product price labels. Choose from a diverse range of pre-designed templates or craft unique labels with the assistance of expert designers. The XNECT labeling solution enables assigning label templates to products, sections, and departments for convenient and efficient management.



In-store customers analytics

Gain valuable insights into in-store customers

Utilizing well-known analytics tools, store operators can analyze the data generated by QR code scans from store customers. This insightful information can help in making informed decisions, such as fine-tuning product placement, optimizing advertising campaigns, revising prices, and measuring customer interest in every product across all stores.


Explore the capabilities of the XNECT labeling solution

Our innovative product price labeling solution is designed for user-friendliness, flexibility, and mobility, making it a prime choice for stores operating on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

The product labels, generated using the QR Labeler App, incorporate QR codes that seamlessly connect to the respective product webpage on the store’s site. These QR codes provide customers with effortless access to valuable information about product choices and related items during their in-store browsing.

Effortless integration with e-commerce platforms and websites.

Detailed insights into in-store customer interests through QR code scans.

Enhanced customer engagement through sharing of product webpage addresses via email, SMS, and QR codes.

Convenient sharing of shortened product webpage addresses across social media and blog posts.

Streamlined label management through grouping of product labels according to the store’s layout.

Design customized labels using vector graphics and product photos.

Access to an extensive library of highly customizable and adaptable label templates.

Integrated Barcode and OCR reader for simplifying the process of searching, adding, and updating product data.

Complete management of the label printing process, including managing print queues.

Four layers of password protection to prevent unauthorized operations and changes.

Real-time collaboration among store employees for efficient label management.

Import, export, and update label’s data using spreadsheet applications.

Compatibility with an extensive range of home and office printers, as well as Brother label printers.


Your questions answered

Find answers to the questions most commonly asked by our users.

What are the requirements for the XNECT solution?
To use the XNECT labeling solution, you’ll need an Android device (smartphone or tablet) for the QR Labeler app and an Android-compatible printer. Please visit the “Printers and Labels” webpage for more information.
Do you need access to our website data?
No, you don’t need login credentials to the store’s website. The XNECT solution uses publicly available information from the store website to generate and update product labels.
What information can be included on the product labels?

The product price labels can include a variety of information, including but not limited to product names, sales prices, retail prices, discount amount, discount percentage, SKUs, UPCs, product photos, 1D & 2D barcodes, QR codes, and information about the store’s departments and sections.


What our users say about the XNECT product labeling solution

Discover the first-hand experiences shared by our users who have successfully implemented our innovative product labeling solution in their stores.

I can’t believe how much time I save by printing labels for price-changed products with just a tap! This feature helped us effortlessly sync our store prices with our website. Our in-store labeling process has never been more efficient.


Sarah Thompson / Store Owner

The addition of product pictures to price labels has completely transformed our store’s presentation. The XNECT labeling solution has given our store a modern and inviting look, greatly enhancing the overall shopping experience.


John Anderson / Shop Manager

Managing labels has become a breeze, especially for updating special and discount prices. The ability to group product labels has streamlined our processes and improved our label management workflow.


Emily Turner / Retail Associate

The integration of the label printer with the cutter has significantly boosted the efficiency of high-volume label printing. It’s a game-changer for our labeling needs, both economically and practically.


David Mitchell / Operations Manager

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Explore the diverse uses of the XNECT labeling solution

Effortlessly create, print, and manage your in-store product price and barcode labels.